TrustCommunity FAQs

What is Trust Community @EthCC [3] about?

The idea is to help you connect with other attendees and together, build networks of trust around topics within the community. You'll earn some Nectar tokens for taking part, and hopefully make some friends along the way :)

I participated in Trustcommunity @Devcon5. What should I do?

The webapp is refactored, you need to clear cache before starting this new version if you are going to use the same device.

What is the QR code in the card for?

The QR code is a single use URL for you to onboard Trust Community. You can scan it from your mobile device camera (if it supports QR reading), QR reader application, or also use the URL specified in the card if you don't have any QR reader.

Do I need to install something in my device?

No, the application is just a webapp running from your browser. It uses local storage to keep your identity and application information. You will be asked to download a file which is the backup of your identity. It's a binary file containing the keys of your ID for you to recover the session in case the local storage of your browser is deleted and also for the final token airdrop.

Which browsers are supported?

In mobile devices, for which this application is intended, the supported browsers are Chrome in Android and Safari in iOS.

Can I use the application in incognito mode?

No, it’s not supported because the keys are stored in the browser's local storage. Deleting the session will cause the keys to disappear and you will need to recover your identity from backup.

Why do I need to endorse my connections?

The experiment setup is like that. We want to explore the concept of endorsing members (by giving badges) in specific topics which represent their skills and that the community itself curate this information and also the most relevant topics. This step might require that you socialize a bit with other community members :)

Why can't I remove all badges given to my connections?

Each connection is required to have at least an endorsement from you in the day that you connected. The rest of days you can endorse additionally and completely change your mind.

The application seems frozen, what should I do?

This application is very much an experimental webapp for EthCC [3]. It's not optimized for devices and browsers and in some conditions, so the performance might not be good. If you come across a problem, we recommend you refresh the website, restart the browser and visit again. Your identity should be recovered from your local storage, if that doesn’t work, import your identity from backup.

My QR code seem difficult to scan, why can this happen?

The QR codes that link to our identities are complex because they are BabyJubJub based in order to create the final zero-knowledge proofs. If you're having problems, please increase the brightness of your screen and make sure the QR code is shown completely. Some browsers even allow you to zoom in to increase its size. Anyway, this edition we have the option to connect in just one scanning step, so you can try to scan codes of your connections instead of showing yours.

So, what will happen when the conference is over? When will I be able to claim my tokens?

We'll need a few weeks after EthCC to prepare the application to request the participation claim with your earned tokens and perform the airdrop. Our best estimate is March 24th. You'll be able to do claim your tokens anonymously from your browser within the same application. Follow the TrustCommunity twitter account (@trust_comm) for further announcements.

Any other questions or feedback:

Please contact our telegram account @trust_comm for customized support questions.